We had the good fortune of connecting with Laila Contractor and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Sit down with Laila Contractor M.D. and DR. SIBYLLE GEORGIANNA to learn about the recent medical development of therapeutically guided use of ketamine as they discuss new territories for mental wellness, sanity, adolescents, alternative and longlasting approaches to psychiatry and more.

“Psychiatry” might seem like a big word that is mostly associated with conversations to figure out someone’s mind, but it is a good bit more than that. This week, Mara welcomes Dr. Laila Contractor to the podcast for a conversation about her own healing journey to physical and mental wellness, and how it led her to the field of Integrative Psychiatry.

In this episode, Lyndsay Soprano speaks with Dr. Laila Contractor about how we can metabolize trauma(s) with intention and the use of ayahuasca as a key component to helping to heal from all that you might be holding onto that is making you chronically ill and living in pain.

This week we’re joined by the brilliant Dr. Laila Contractor, an integrative psychiatrist based in Irvine, CA.

In October of 2019 through a health crisis of her own, Dr. Laila fell into the world of herbalism and integrative healthcare, which greatly pivoted her life’s work.